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Expand your big world from a small bottle




Total wine proposal

[Online from Burgundy 🇫🇷] Wine course

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Registered exporter status

WINE no KAORI has moved forward since its founding in 2022, and is ready to obtain french registered exporter status in early 2024, further strengthening the connection between Japan and Europe through wine. 

If you are looking for delicious or rare wines from France or Europe, please feel free to contact us.

Burgundy Winery Courses 2024

Welcome to Burgundy❗️

In 2024, we will enhance new services in response to your requests. We can also arrange for high quality and rare wines that are only available locally.


Why not visit the world of Burgundy, the world's center of gastronomy and wine, and experience wine more closely with a winery visit with an expert?  

Burgundy once prospered as a principality, and is blessed with a rich history and soil, including expansive vineyards and dairy farms where Charolais cows live, and is a region that produces some of the world's best wines such as Romanée-Conti and Montrachet.


Please contact us as soon as possible as there are limited dates available.

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Our Vignerons

Partner producers of WINE no KAORI

Prologue of "Wine no Kaori"

Wine is life!

Vines have a lifespan that is about the same as humans, and are often compared to humans. The roots of wine grow deep into the earth,
It is said that it is around 40 years old that it becomes a wine with deep aroma and taste. Grapes are influenced by various environments in the air and in the ground around the vineyard, and become wines that express the climate of the land, which is complex and rich in individuality.
So do people. As time goes by, I think it will become a deeper personality.
Why don't you think about your way of life from various directions through wine?


A total proposal of wine that connects Japan and Burgundy.


Export - Import

We provide professional wine advice and support for buying and selling.


Wine Arangement&

Hospice de Beaune

Coordinating the purchase
of rare wines

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Wine course

This is a course to learn Burgundy wine,
world famous production region.

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Seminar & 

We will give a lecture about wine

WINE no KAORI's goal

You are as lively as you are.

If the number of people with such smiles increases,
people around us will be happy
Through one bottle, we will love nature, accept others, accept ourselves, and increase the number of happy people.


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