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Expand your big world from a small bottle




Total wine proposal


Prologue of "Wine no Kaori"

Wine is life!

Vines have a lifespan that is about the same as humans, and are often compared to humans. The roots of wine grow deep into the earth,
It is said that it is around 40 years old that it becomes a wine with deep aroma and taste. Grapes are influenced by various environments in the air and in the ground around the vineyard, and become wines that express the climate of the land, which is complex and rich in individuality.
So do people. As time goes by, I think it will become a deeper personality.
Why don't you think about your way of life from various directions through wine?

Why wine now?

We live in an era of material abundance. The store is overflowing with products, and when it comes to food, the time has come when it is no longer possible to sell a product simply by saying it is delicious.
In our lives, it has become commonplace for meat, fish, vegetables, etc. to be processed in large factories, displayed in convenient packages, and sold. Unfortunately, the awareness that we are receiving life has decreased. The same is true for plants.
The wines I would like to propose are made from grapes that have been carefully cultivated through a lot of manual work in the vinyard of small and medium-sized grape growers. Just as it is said that high-quality wine cannot be made from low-quality grapes, the quality of wine is determined by the quality of the grapes. For that reason, grape growers spend a year working hard in the fields. By learning about the precious work of farmers through wine, which we don't usually see, why don't you think about the life around us from a different direction?
In addition, our lives have become nuclear families, and we have acquired time to spend freely alone. Many tasks have been conveniently mechanized, and our daily lives have been modernized with high precision. It is good that SNS has made it possible to communicate globally, but I feel that communication
with people close to us has become less important.
It is said that wine accompanies meals, and wine is said to be the lubricant of human relationships. Let's feel the importance of human relationships by sharing delicious food and wine,
and this precious moment with people close to us.



A total proposal of wine that connects Japan and Burgundy.


Consulting &
Export - Import

We provide professional wine advice and support for buying and selling.

Old Vintage &

Hospice de Beaune

Coordinating the purchase
of rare wines

Wine course

This is a course to learn Burgundy wine,
world famous production region.


Seminar & 

We will give a lecture about wine

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WINE no KAORI 5 features

WINE no KAORI's goal

You are as lively as you are.

If the number of people with such smiles increases,
people around us will be happy
Through one bottle, we will love nature, accept others, accept ourselves, and increase the number of happy people.


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