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Business School🇯🇵Wine Seminar

In Katsuhiro Sato's class at Waseda University's Graduate School of Business Administration, I have been holding for 10 times``Burgundy as Education online from Burgundy 🇫🇷and real in Tokyo 🇯🇵Wine Seminar. The aim is for Japanese global businesspeople to quickly acquire wine knowledge that can be useful anywhere in the world. Mainly in Tokyo participate in seminars, some of our students are on assignments or business trips abroad, and participants from around the world. Using a mix of Japanese, French, and English, I will guide them to the entrance to the advanced level. Although the content is difficult, the highly conscious students follow along without any problems, and they come up with interesting questions. We will also introduce french examples that are useful for business through wine. I would be very happy if they could understand that, after all, wine is something to be enjoyed!

Professor Katsuhiro Sato specializes in management strategy and corporate finance, and has many hobbies including tea and wine. He is constantly learning, approaches the business world from various directions, and runs popular courses that dynamically guide students.

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