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Maxime Troncy@Beaujolais

WINE no KAORI agent was started when my friend Vigneron from Cote de Beaune asked me, ``I know one young and talented guy in Burgundy. Is there anyone in Japan who like to be care of him? I'll charge of it to you!'' I would like to introduce in Japan some of my fellow wine producers who share the same spirit of respecting the natural environment that I have met during my 18 years as a wine producer in Burgundy.

The Troncy family is a long-established wine producers in the village of Cogny in the south of Beaujolais, where all family members and relatives help together to produce wine. There were apparently 60 domaines around the village of Cogny in the 1990s, but the Troncy family is currently the last one. Of course, they are hard workers and the quality of their wine is good, but they also don't forget to have fun and have a beautiful human spirit.They should continue to be produced the wounderful wine. We ask for everyone's support  in Japan and especially enjoy their wines! Japan Airlines Mall

Maxime Troncy's wine

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